Our 5 Pillars



As Zion grows and the community grows, responsibility to that community grows. Zion has an extended history of welcoming all comers, fortifying their faith, and engaging with the community beyond the building’s walls. In continuance of the service that God expects, Zion has instituted a five-pillar Vision for Ministry.

CDM – The foundation of the vision is built on Core Discipleship Ministries. Establishing one’s faith is an on-going journey that is fueled by Christian education, in-reach, and outreach. ZBC’s diverse ministries and programs cultivate a stronger relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen the ability to spread His Gospel.

SMA – Another component of the vision centers around ZBC’s Strategic Missions Area – Kennedy Street NW, between Third Street and Georgia Avenue. This area allows Zion to deepen her community presence by satisfying basic needs like food, clothing, and education, and shelter through The Kennedy transitional housing facility. Church for Zionites doesn’t end after service on Sunday, rather is an extension of what is preached during service on Sunday.

ZBCNC – Zion has expanded her ministry through the ZBC North Campus. Located at 11005 Dayton St., Wheaton, MD, the “North Site” also embodies community, faith, and educational development as the DC Campus.

ZBC L.I.V.E. – is a pillar in which participants Live In Victory Everyday, by following dictates and application of Biblical principles. ZBC L.I.V.E is structured to provide knowledge and guidance on issues like education, financial literacy, grief, caregiving, and more to ensure victorious living.

Zion Community Enterprise / ZBC Community Development Corporation  – The ZBCCDC aims to tackle one of the most pressing social issues in the DMV: affordable senior housing. In fact, that was its sole reason for establishment. This initiative addresses the material need of financially manageable housing, but also fosters and maintains a sense of belonging for DC’s elderly population.