Day 17 | Lenten Season Video Series | March 10


Today. Our devotion comes from a book of some division, 25 chapters, four and five. It reads. It says, show me your way, lord, teach me your paths. Leave me in your troops and teach me for you are the god of my salvation. On you, I wait all the day. This is a song, a poem that was given to us, that was a prayer of David during the time in which he was rising up to prepare himself to battle, just as Jesus was preparing during this period of Linton, that we remember that he could prepare to start his ministry. It says, show me Lord your way. Teach me Lord your path that I may know you’re true. You see, as we are out here from day to day, as we’re doing everything that we have to do, we have to stay constantly turning away from those things that corrupt our voice, corrupt our actions, corrupt our our visions, just as it did in the days of Adam and Eve, even if it was just of themselves. We’ve got to learn to turn away from the sin. We’ve got to learn that faith without works is dead, and we’ve got to prepare for battle against evil. You see, these words means so much more than just of of preparing, but these words become to ourselves as a cleansing, a cleansing of ourselves so that we can be led by God instead of ourselves. So what I’m saying shortly, it’s just that we’ve got to constantly wake up each and every day do what you can do of sacrificing your own life so that you can be more true to God, understanding that you can’t just speak the words, you can’t just sing the songs, you can’t just go for the admiration of the people around you and the things around you. But instead, you’ve gotta realize that you’ve got to speak so it motivates yourself and motivates others to work, as it says in first John Three, three and 18Dear children, let us not love with words or speech, but with actions. And in truth, we’ve got a trust in the Lord with all of our hearts, and lean not to our own understanding. You know, my grandmother told me one day, when she was preparing for the grave, I say, grandma, you know, I’ve done a lot of good and I’ve done a lot of bad. And she just looked at me and looked at the sky, and she said, boy, that’s what she like to call me. She said, just don’t do anything unless you know you’re right. I didn’t understand it, but today I understand it more. And she was saying, get right in your heart and become strong, but not you strong. Let God be the strength of your life. God bless you all as we prepare in this Lenten season. And I give you my heart, I give you my prayers, and I stand with you, us all holy as one.