Bereavement Ministry



Purpose/Mission: The Bereavement Ministry brings comfort to the family of faith during their time of loss. Through this ministry the church provides comfort and support to members and their families after the transition of a loved one. The Bereavement Ministry assist the families with the homegoing services, family visitation, initial arrangements, as well as follow up calls and materials.

Join this Ministry:  The Bereavement Ministry is a ministry of outreach, love, and compassion. Persons interested in this ministry must have time and the spiritual gifts of serving, compassion, and helps. Please contact Bereavement Coordinator (202) 722-4947.

Death/Loss Notification: If you experience a death in the family, please contact the church office 202-722-4940 or the Bereavement Coordinator at 202-722-4947 to ensure the home going service flows in accordance with Zion Baptist Church worship policies.

Guiding Scripture: “Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” Says your God. “, Isaiah 40:1