Men’s Ministry



Purpose/Mission: As an encouragement ministry of the church, the Mighty Men of Zion (Men’s Ministry) strives to enhance the spiritual and moral welfare of all male members of the church with honor, love, brotherhood, and the fear of God, so they can lead men to Christ.

Join the Ministry: All males eighteen years of age and older that are members of Zion Baptist Church. Members usually have the following Spiritual Gifts: Teaching, Administration, Preaching, Serving, Evangelism, Wisdom, Encouraging, and Leadership. While these gifts are essential to be an effective member of the Men’s Ministry all gifts may be used for the purpose of Christian education and fellowship.

Meetings & Activities: Monthly meetings are held on the first Monday after the first Sunday of each month except July and August. There are opportunities to participate in other scheduled activities, events and initiatives (i.e. – fishing excursions, baseball and golf outings, church bar-b-ques, etc.).

What To Expect: The Men’s Ministry promotes and supports various activities, events, programs and initiatives supported by Zion Baptist Church and works together for God’s Kingdom on earth. While the Men’s Ministry focuses on building fellowship and leadership amongst the brethren, we are now tasked with even more responsibility to reach-out, contact, and make a positive impact with our Christian brothers and their families and even beyond into our respective neighborhoods. The challenge before us is to continuously relate across inter-generations and be an ongoing blessing to our church family and the community at-large.

Guiding Scripture: 1 Peter 2:17; Matthew 4:19.

Contact:Brother David J. Saunders