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Deacon Emeritus
George Boggess
WWII Army Veteran
Purple Heart
Silver Star
(1912 – 2016)

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George Boggess Veterans Vanguard Charge Ministry (GBVVCM)

To see a greater percentage of the veteran population receive the benefits to which they are entitled and to see them strong and courageous in their walk with the Lord.

Mission: To provide information, advocacy, and assistance needed for the acquisition of various veterans benefits (veterans benefits assistance) while helping veterans make, mend, maintain, and magnify their walk with the Lord.
Implementation – to enlist virtuous volunteers who will encourage, educate, and empower veterans while exalting our victorious Savior.

Ministry scriptures:
Romans 12:1-2 & 21
Ephesians: 6:10-18
Deuteronomy 31:6

Ministry Hymn:  “A Charge to Keep I Have” by Charles Wesley from T.N.N.B.H., page 190

Proposed meeting times: First Thursdays 6:30-8:30 p.m. in Jan, March, May, July, Sep, and Nov.

Veterans For Christ (VFC) [Parent Ministry] Turnabout Tuesday
Veterans For Christ invites anyone looking for inspiration and prayer and community to join its conference call every Tuesday at 12 p.m. 
Conference Call: 1-667-770-1052
Code: 746131

Veterans For Christ (VFC)
Serenity Haven Chapel Service
Every 1st Sunday at 1:00 p.m.
Conference Call: 1-667-770-1052
Code: 746131

GBVVCM President: Bro. Terry McAlpine
Coordinator: Sis. Connie Elliott


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A tribute honoring Deacon Emeritus George Boggess buried in Arlington Cemetery with full honors on July 13, 2016

Deacon Boggess already had fame,
Yet we were blessed to honor his name.
When asked the secret of his walk,
“Keep moving” was his counsel talk.

Responsibilities – he would never shirk,
But was always willing to complete the work.
The Pettus Bridge and fight for civil rights:
He acted to relieve some mankind’s plights.

His sacrifices made: more than a few,
A Purple Heart and Silver Star we knew.
In WWII, Patton’s part was large,
But God was truly the One in charge.

Your witness Deacon Boggess was true;
This tribute to remind us anew.
For 104, we thank God for you,
For letting His light always shine through.

C. Elliott, DC VAMC “Booklady”
GBVVCM/VFC Network Resource Coordinator
March 12, 2016

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A Veterans For Christ (VFC), a grassroots and not-for-profit organization of Veterans (experienced persons: military and non-military) provides services in the areas of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), depression, hearing loss, homelessness, and court system (incarceration) issues.
The organization became operational in 2011. The vision of the organization is to walk in step with God in its mission.

(Romans 12:1-2, 21)


VFC Horse Therapy

Video Produced by Army Veteran Sis. Jonée Coleman