The NCCF Freedom School at Zion follows the Children’s Defense Fund’s Freedom School model. This intergenerational design empowers youth, and encourages them to stand out among themselves, and community members.

Patterned after Freedom Schools birthed from the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project of 1964, Freedom Schools today hold the same mission: to level the playing field between black and white students through hope, education, action.

In the 60s, a team of leaders and educators formed an academic environment for the underserved population. The subjects included reading, writing, math, and Black history … and the schools … in emulation of the Freedom Summer project, heavily promoted voter registration and self-affirmation.

The six-week NCCF Freedom School at Zion ensures that scholars (Freedom School participants) continue to advance in those areas and retain knowledge despite the summer break. The camp also emphasizes community, cultural enrichment, and social justice. There is a recreation element as well.

The NCCF Freedom School at Zion welcomes scholars ages 5 to 12. The camp is free and offers breakfast and lunch.

While the program concentrates on children’s development, we ask parents to attend our weekly meetings and workshops developed specifically for those raising young black and brown people in the 21st century.

Please join us.

If you have questions, contact Min. Donna Vance at


*Ashe is a word from the Yuroba language that is an expression of affirmation. It used similarly to the English word, ‘Amen.’