Through the Bible in One Year:

A 52 Lesson Introduction to the 66 Books of the Bible

A 52-Lesson Introduction to the 66 Books of the Bible

For more than three decades, Through the Bible in One Year has brought greater insight into God’s Word to thousands of believers. Taking the reader completely through the Bible, book by book, this acclaimed learning tool spells out the progressive, step-by-step revelation of God’s will; shows how it has become manifest over the centuries; and explains how it affects believers’ lives today.
With each study, the reader will learn…

  • How to identify major themes in each book of the Bible
  • How to memorize key Scriptures
  • How to recognize God’s central messages
  • How each book came into being and the role it plays in the Bible story

By embarking on this yearlong journey, believers will see the Bible unfold as a beautiful, divinely inspired true story, with a beginning, a middle, and an end yet to come. And by embracing its themes and truths, they will be better prepared to meet life’s daily challenges.


1.Introduction to the significance of Signs, shadows, types,and symbols.
At the end of each study period we should desire to see this symbolism as pictures drawn by the hand of God, through which He teaches us things that might otherwise be all but incomprehensible. It is important to our understanding not to take these signs and symbols lightly. As we use them as tools in our study, we should take the time to research the characteristics of each sign, symbol, shadowing, and type to deepen and clarify our understanding of God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, and their purpose.

2. Introduction to the book of Genesis: The book of Genesis sets the stage for the rest of scripture. Without the foundation of Genesis the remainder of the Bible would fail to make sense. The main theme in Genesis is beginnings, The book recounts and establishes the origins of the heavens and the earth, of all created things, of the human family, of God’s covenant relationship with humans, of sin, of nations, languages, and God’s chosen people Israel. Genesis teaches about the the problem of sin and God’s plan of salvation. It reveals the character of God and His relentless pursuit to restore the broken fellowship between man and Himself. Genesis reveals the nature of God as creator and redeemer; the value of human life that was created in God’s image and for His purpose, It also introduces the terrible consequences of disobedience from sin which separates man from God; and the blessed promises of God for our salvation, redemption, deliverance, healing and forgiveness through the coming Messiah, our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ!

Now start the Lesson:
found on the second slide with all the scriptures to go with it.
1.Who wrote the pentateuch?
2.What does the scripture say about the Author of the first five books of the bible as proof? (write them out)
3.Who were the descendants of Noah, and his son Shem?.
4. Who was the father of Abraham and where was his father from?
5. who were Abraham’s son’s? Issac’s sons? Jacob’s sons and daughter?
5. Who as Ishmael’s mother?
6′ Who were the 12 princes or sons of Ishmael?
7.When and where did God change Jacob’s name, what was his new name?
8. What were Joseph’s dying last words?

Lesson 1:

The Bible is composed of 66 books, grouped into:
(2) Major divisions, O.T. and N. T. we will focus on the O.T. writings containing
39 books, The O.T. can also be subdivided into (4) parts, Law, History, poetry, and prophecy.
We will begin our study in the book of Genesis-
1. Creation,
2. The fall of man,
3. The flood, and
4.The Babel crisis.

God’s word is spoken with Authority because He is the Supreme Authority, He Created all things,He knows all things, and He is able to control all things in Heaven and on Earth. The Bible is God’s way of of making His will known to us! written by (40) called-out men of God, Chosen and anointed for the work!

Genesis (1:26-31),(2:2,3)(2:16-25)(3:14-19)(3:20-24)
(Genesis 6:12-14)
(Genesis 12:1-7)
(Genesis 16:13-16)(17:24-26)
(Genesis 21:1-4)(21:12,13)
(Genesis 35:9-15)
(Genesis 37:1-4)
(Genesis 46:1-3)
(Genesis 50:24-26)
This ends our study of Genesis

Lesson 2:

The Book Of Exodus= The book of REDEMPTION!
The Three Divisions: The Exodus, The Law, The tabernacle
Point 1:The Power of God=(He brought them out to a new life)
Point 2: The Holiness of God=(They were brought under the Law of God)
Point 3: The Wisdom of God=(They were brought into a new love and fellowship with God) the privilege bestowed of God as their Redeemer and Deliverer.
Covering the call of Moses. (Hebrews 11:24-34)
The announcement of the deliverance (Ex. 3:7-10)
The Plagues of Egypt (Ex.7:17-Ex.11:5-10)

Deliverance by the Blood, The Power, and The Presence of God!

The Passover is established(Ex.7:17,18) (Ex.11:5)(1Cor. 5:7) The Deliverance by the Blood.
Crossing the Red Sea ( Ex.14: 26, 14: 30,31) The Deliverance by the Power.
The Tabernacle (Ex.13:21, Ex. 20:1-17, all of chptrs. 21-23) Deliverance by the Presence of God.
The building of the Tabernacle (chapters 25-31)
The Priesthood (Ex. 40:1-9)