Volunteer Emergency Coordinators



In an innovative move towards community safety, a new initiative seeks volunteers for Zion Emergency Coordinators, focusing on fire evacuation preparedness. This program isn’t just about drills; it’s about creating a resilient community ready to face emergencies.

The Initiative
The concept emerged from the need for an organized fire evacuation strategy. Volunteers, dubbed Zion Emergency Coordinators, will lead the charge during drills and actual emergencies, ensuring everyone knows how to safely exit the building.

Key Responsibilities
These coordinators will assist everyone, especially those with disabilities, ensuring a smooth and swift evacuation. Their tasks include checking all areas, from bathrooms to balconies, and directing evacuees towards safe exits. The aim is to have a team of 20 to 30 volunteers, ready to act in times of need.

Volunteer Call
The initiative welcomes anyone willing to help, highlighting the community’s collective effort towards safety. It’s an opportunity for individuals to significantly contribute to their community’s well-being. Email Trustee Kim Swann Ndiaye @ Kswann@ziondc.org

The Zion Emergency Coordinators program exemplifies the community’s dedication to preparedness and safety. Volunteering for this cause means being a critical part of a system designed to protect the community, a noble act of service and vigilance.