Greetings Zion Family:

This is an appeal on behalf of the Diaconate Fund. As you know, we have members within our congregation that have been impacted by the Coronavirus. This has resulted in significant financial setbacks and there may be a need for financial assistance. The Deacons would like to make the Diaconate Fund available for members impacted by Covid-19 to the extent we can. Therefore, if you are aware of any Zion member in need of financial assistance with rent, utilities, food, etc. as a result of Covid-19, please have them contact Deacon Debbie Moon in the church office @ 202-722-4943 or fill out form below.

Your confidential request will be considered upon receipt. In your email please include full name, address, phone number, email, and then scan and attach documentation (with Driver’s License info) for requested debt to be paid. Please do not include sensitive information such as social security number. Once Deacon Moon has all the pertinent information, she will contact you to set up a time to meet with the Diaconate Fund Committee via conference call to discuss how the committee may be able to assist you and of course for prayer.

Please note this special expedited process is available to active members of Zion Baptist Church as confirmed by the active member roster. We realize that we also have an obligation to serve the community at large and will continue to offer emergency assistance to any others in need through the regular diaconate fund process.

We are here as a church to help during these unprecedented times.

Diaconate Ministry
Zion Baptist Church